I’m Brian. Born and raised in Chicago, IL with an intense passion to just know more about everything. As daunting of a task that can be, I’ve found over the past 30+ years, the best way to do that is to travel. I have been to over 30 destinations and am always looking for a opportunity for a weekend getaway. I am an IT Systems Engineer by trade, but also have done significant work as a local musician and YouTube vlogger.


For a while I had been conflicted on how to merge many of my interest, passions, and experiences into a singular medium. Whether it was for my own reflection or for helpfulness to others, I wanted to have it documented. When I first started on YouTube 8 years ago it was to document my journey with dreadlocks. It was a great starting place to get my feet wet with vlogging, but I found myself getting bored with only making videos in the context of my hair. Apprehensive at first, based on the sheer amount of travel bloggers there are, I felt like starting THEBLKPACKER would be the best intersection of all of my work and mission.


My mission for this blog is to encourage travel within Black community. It pains me that not very many African-American people prioritize travel abroad, let alone within the US. It limits not only our views of the world, but how we view ourselves in society. My hope is to uplift, educate, and empower people to leave the comfort zones of what they have always known, to find out more about themselves. THEBLKPACKER will be a blog where I will give an authoritative  voice on all things related to black travel and discussing diversity within travel as a whole.


July 5, 2017